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Many models for every type of garden

Maintaining a well-kept lawn in perfect condition in which to spend pleasant hours is possible thanks to the TECH line robot mowers

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TECH line Robot

Many models dedicated to those who are always looking for high cutting performance, high levels of innovation, quality materials and design.

The perfect ally for your green space

TECH line robots are the perfect everyday allies for the management of any green area. With the robot’s Mulching cut, the lawn becomes healthy, thick and less hungry for fertilisers and, above all, there is no need to think about disposing of the grass.

Tech made in italy

A product Made in Italy

Brushless motors, lithium batteries, stainless steel blades, strong and reliable materials to last over time and with a beautiful and neat design, to offer high performance on all types of green areas.

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Many models for every type of garden

Environment- and pet friendly

TECH line robots are safe, environmentally friendly and pet friendly. They work at a safe distance from the pet until the blade is switched off.

With the ZDefence** system, which uses a 100% natural bio-repellent, your garden will also always be free of mosquitoes.

Find your ideal TECHline Robot

Discover the TECHline model that best suits your personal needs, the features and size of your green space, the degree of slope of the terrain and connectivity - via Bluetooth or GSM.

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