Extended Warranty

Extend your Tech Line Robot warranty to 6 years!

You can now extend your warranty for up to 6 years, free of charge. To ensure your warranty extension is valid, you must perform regular winter maintenance, sign up for the service on the manufacturer's portal, and make sure all certificates are properly filled out and retained.

Garanzia Tech 6 anni

2 years + 4 years of conventional warranty extension

Available for the models: BX4, LX4,LX6, BX4 4WD, LX4 4WD, LX6 4WD, Quadritech 4WD, LX4 RTK, LX4 RTK 4WD, LX6 RTK, LX6 RTK 4WD, LX45 RTK

Garanzia Tech 3 anni

2 years + 1 year of conventional warranty extension

Available for the models: LX2 ZR EVO, DX2, LX2, SX2, DX2.5, LX2.5, DX2.9, LX2.9

How to extend the Warranty

  • 1
    Serial number

    Locate the serial number of the robot (image)

  • 2
    Purchase document

    Obtain the purchase document and the code of the authorised Tech Line Robot centre

  • 3
    Warranty terms

    Read the Warranty terms at this link: warranty terms

  • 4
    Extended Warranty

    Click on the button located at the bottom of this page to access the Extended Warranty form. Complete the form with the required information.

  • 5
    Scheduled maintenance

    Perform regular winter maintenance and keep the certificates

Extended warranty benefits

Icone Estensione Garanzia Ambrogio estensione garanzia 6 anni

Up to 6-year warranty

Extended warranty coverage for up to 6 years depending on the product

Icone Estensione Garanzia Ambrogio tecnici certificati

Certified technicians

Repairs performed by certified technicians

Icone Estensione Garanzia Ambrogio ricambi originali

Original spare parts

Repairs carried out using original spare parts

Icone Estensione Garanzia Ambrogio riparazioni senza limiti

Unlimited repairs

No limit on the number of repairs

at the manufacturer's discretion

Icone Estensione Garanzia Ambrogio sostituzione robot 2024 03 11 151422 llvu

Robot replacement

If your robot is deemed unrepairable, a solution with an equivalent or superior model will be provided

at the manufacturer's discretion

Read the warranty terms