TECH line robot is a technologically advanced product

APP and ZCS Connect module to monitor and manage the robot even remotely, innovative ZCS Inside+ on models also intended for the professional market and advanced cutting systems, with the RTK navigation systems and +InfinitySystem.

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TECH line robot
speaks the language of the future

the TECH Remote APP allows you to configure and manage the robot with a few simple clicks. The ZCS Connect* module also enables you to connect and interact with your robot anytime, anywhere (with your own device) and to communicate with the various voice assistants of the major platforms.

The Tech Remote app is available for both Android and iOS: you can download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.

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Precision cutting,without installation of the perimeter wire?

The satellite navigation system ZCS Cloud RTK* (Real Time Kinematic) makes it possible for one or more robots to manage a large working area, up to 10,000 m2, with navigation accuracy per centimeter and without the need for perimeter wire.

ZCS Cloud RTK uses satellite technology combined with the cloud, to constantly communicate to the robot the position to be maintained, through the appropriate GPS antenna in a radius of 15 km from it.

All this translates into an extreme precision of navigation and cutting, up to 5 cm from the edge of the area and in narrow spaces, difficult to reach. The advantages are numerous and result in no installation required, working efficiency and versatility of use.

*Standard in the NEXTTECH L X6 RTK

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+Infinity Sistem

To Manage large areas in an intelligent and integrated way. The innovative navigation system that allows several robots to manage an area simultaneously, in a smart and integrated way.

+INFINITYSYSTEM*, through the Cloud technologies and ZCS Connect, creates a constantly shared virtual map on the area to be mowed. The shared map allows robots to know the already cut micro areas optimising the working time, without neglecting any area and with maximum precision.

he robots equipped with +INFINITYSYSTEM have the ability to readjust themselves to work in areas that have increased their surface over time. External areas which become “yards” can be managed in a perfect combination with all the other green spaces.The + INFINITYSYSTEM system is recommended for the maintenance of medium/large spaces up to very large areas such as sport fields, airfields and golf courses.

*Available on some models of the TECH 2023 range, prior to a technical evaluation of the area.

TECH is a friend to all animals

AMICO is the technology bearing the ZCS logo that ensures the safe operation of TECH robot near animals wearing an AMICO, until the automatic shutdown of the blade. A micro device to be put on an average/large-sized pets’s collar, or on its back, as in the case of a tortoise. The AMICO tag communicates with TECH robot as it approaches any animal with the tag.

AMICO is harmless and safe.

*AMICO is available for all models of the TECH range.

For more information, please visit or contact your dealer.

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The Smart & Green system against mosquitoes

Natural, automated and easy to install, ZDefence* uses a 100% natural biorepellent, which creates a barrier against mosquitoes.

Your garden will always be beautiful and free from any nuisance!

*Compatible with TECH X4 and X6 models.